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FREE Swipe Files to Send to your Etsy Customers

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I'm seeing more and more Etsy sellers telling other sellers that it's spammy or against Etsy's TOS to contact customers after a sale. Here's the real deal: IT'S NOT. I've been sending a series of messages to my customers after every order for over a year now and it's never once gotten me any negative feedback in regards to being spammy.

Are you wondering what messages I send to my customers? Have no fear! I've compiled the exact swipe files that I use into one handy PDF file for you to download. And the best part?! It's FREE!! If you haven't read my blog post on how to use these files, check it by clicking here.

What's included in this PDF:

- Four messages that I send periodically to my customers after a sale is made.
- Three extra messages that can be sent out for special situations (such as cancellation requests).
- You will also receive any updates or changes that I make to this PDF for free for life! I will keep it fresh and try to add new content and tips when I think of something.