Why You DON'T Need A Niche for Your Etsy Business

**Article updated 04/17/2021
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I know you keep hearing left and right that you need to pick a niche for your Etsy business. I'm here to break the mold and tell you why you don't need one!

I've been on both sides of the boat when it comes to this. I used to be that person who stuck with a specific niche (jewelry), didn't digress from that, and even told others that they definitely needed to pick a product and stick with it. However, now that I've got some experience - and yes trial and error - under my belt, I don't have a niche in either of my Etsy shops! In one shop, I do have a main category, which is supplies, but I don't have just one type of supply in that shop.

Let me guess. You've read other blogs, got advice from Facebook groups, Etsy "coaches" and this is what you heard: "You will absolutely not be successful if you don't choose a niche for your business right now!" or "Specializing is important. Specializing in essential". Am I right? Of course, I am. ;)

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of this post...

Reason 1: You Will Be Seen More Within Search Results
- The more products you have, the better chances you have of getting found within search results. So, without having a specific niche, you're free to list whatever type of products you want (as long as they follow Etsy's rules). You could even consider your shop more of a general store of sorts.
- It doesn't matter what you have in your shop. Whether it be a few wooden signs, some crocheted items, and some jewelry. This will not affect your shop's ranking, search results, anything! What you have in your shop has nothing to do with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
- Etsy allows up to 15 categories within your shop where you can put your products. So, you could create a category for 'Wooden Signs', one for 'Jewelry' (or branch out into Earrings, Bracelets, etc.), and one for 'Crocheted Items' (again, you could branch that out).

Reason 2: Most Shoppers Are Using Search & Not Browsing Your Shop
- Again, another one that I'll probably get some heat about. However, think about this... when an Etsy shopper visits Etsy, the majority of the time they don't know exactly which shop they should be going to unless they've been referred or saw an ad for a specific shop. They automatically go to that search bar in the top right corner. They type in a vague idea of what they want, say 'chair cushion'. That search will bring up thousands of results. They might browse within those results and even click on one that catches their eye. But you know what they're not doing? They aren't going to browse through that shop the first time around. They're going to go back to search, maybe look through their previous results or even type in a new search term.
- Why don't customers browse through a shop after they've clicked on a listing? Long story short: They really have no idea what they're looking for. But once they find it (for example, the perfect brown, round chair cushion), they're going to browse the shop that houses the perfect item they were looking for. They might even add extra items from that shop into their cart.

Reason 3: You're Giving Options to Your Customers
- Trends change with the times, the seasons, and with what's popular. If you have a product that is just flying off the virtual shelves, that very well means that it's currently on-trend. But, that trend may go out of style. So what are you to do when that popular item suddenly stops selling?! Well, if you haven't stuck to a specific niche, you may just have another item that's about to start trending!
- You'll also be giving yourself options. You have the opportunity to choose several different products to create, list them, wait a bit (because you're not going to make money overnight), and see how those items do. If you wait at least a month and notice that certain items are selling like hotcakes and others not so much, you can create more products like those that are selling well. You can also create entirely new and different products to try them out. See what's a hit or miss in your shop.

Reason 4: You'll Love What You Do Even More
- Let's say you did choose a niche and let's say it's jewelry. At first, you might be really excited to make those fancy earrings that everyone and their mother loves. But then you're noticing that those earrings stopped selling well (maybe they aren't on trend anymore) and another type of earrings that you really don't like making are selling like crazy. You don't enjoy making them, but they're making you money. If you stick to that niche, you won't have the opportunity to create something new that you do love and that may become popular. If you don't have a niche, you can sell those hated earrings until they sell out and then you can list new items that you love to make!

Get out there and create things you love, put your passion into it, and others will see that you're passionate about what you do! Thanks for stopping by!

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