Should You Hide Your Etsy Sales History?

**Article updated 05/28/2021.

Etsy allows you to choose whether or not you want to show your sales history on your shop homepage. Why would you want to hide your sales history, you ask? A few reasons.

Shoppers will still be able to see how many sales you've made, they just can't click on that number to see the items you've sold (or how many times you've sold that same item). Etsy has made it very easy to hide your sales history if you choose to do so. Here's how:

Shop Dashboard > Settings > Options > Go down to 'Sold Listings' and click 'Off'.

COMPETITION: The first reason I can think of as to why you might want to hide your sales history is that your competitors can see that information. If a rival shop owner visits your Etsy shop (and trust me, we all do it) and they click on your sales, they ultimately have insight into your best sellers! If they can see exactly which items have sold, how recently they've sold, and how many times... who's to say they won't try to copy those items and offer them in their own shop?

INCOME: Now, this one is less of an issue because there's no way that anyone could know what your exact income is just from seeing your sales history. However, they can get a rough idea if your sold items are still available in your shop (as in, not sold out or delisted). They'll be able to see your current listing price and see how many times that item has sold (they'd have to go through your entire sales history to do so) and can more than likely find an average amount that you've made on those items. Will anyone go through all of that trouble just for a guesstimate? Probably not. However, there's an easy way for other sellers to know how much money you're making... Keep reading, y'all!

SNEAKY TRICKS: This is the main reason that I think you should hide your sales history. Do I hide mine? In one shop, yes. In the other, no. This is because in my shop Werk It Girl Supply, I have the Etsy Plus subscription which allows me to offer Restock Requests to my customers. I leave my sales history on for that reason because customers are able to see sold out items and request that I get them back in stock. As for the sneaky tricks... there is a browser extension called Etsy Sold! that you can add to Chrome which allows you to click on a sold item and see any and all prices that were ever listed for that item! So if you've ever raised or lowered your price, other sellers (and customers) can see that! If you have your sales history turned off, no one can click on your sold items and therefore, won't be able to see your prices (past or present).

I'll post a screenshot of how my sales history looks with the Etsy Sold! extension in use. It's kind of shocking, to be truthful. I was shook when I noticed that it even shows me a total at the top of the page! I also noticed some discrepancies, though. For example, a few of my items were showing the total amount they sold for, including the shipping price, but most of them only showed the item price. So, I'm not sure why that is.

Etsy Sold Extension Screenshot

So, will you be turning off your sales history?! Comment below, I'd love to hear your take on this subject. I'll be leaving mine on in Werk It Girl Supply since like I said, my customers use Restock Requests. As always, thank you for stopping by!

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