Etsy's New Free Shipping Guarantee - How to Keep Priority Mail Orders from Being Free

**Article updated 4/26/2020.

I know a lot of us are still freaking out about this new free shipping guarantee from Etsy, but just hold your horses. They've rolled out a whole section in their Seller Handbook to answer any questions that you might have. However, the only question that I haven't seen answered is - Why are my customers able to get free Priority Mail shipping when I don't have it set up that way?!

The short answer is that you probably do have it set up that way and don't realize it. It took me about thirty minutes to figure out how to fix this problem after I had my first order of over $35 and the customer got free priority shipping! Hell naw. Here's how I fixed the issue for future orders:

First, you'll want to go into your Shop Dashboard and click on 'Settings'.

Next, you'll click on 'Shipping settings'.

From there, click on 'Shipping profiles'.

On each shipping profile that you'd like to change, click on 'Edit'.

After you click 'Edit' on one of the shipping profiles, you'll see a pop-up with several options. Where it says 'Shipping services', it will probably say '6 USPS mail classes' if you've never messed with this setting. Click 'Edit' next to that.

Untick all of the boxes that I've highlighted in red. This will ensure that your customers won't be able to get free Priority Mail because they won't be able to choose it without paying for an upgrade (I'll show you how to set up upgrades next). Priority international shipping shouldn't matter unless you've set up free international shipping, but I unticked those boxes anyway.

To set up shipping upgrades, click on 'Rates & upgrades'.

From there, underneath 'Shipping upgrades', make sure you have it enabled. This will allow U.S. customers to choose Priority Mail upgrades even though you don't offer them in your shipping profiles and they will have to pay for the upgrade instead of getting free Priority shipping.

And that's it! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm only a click away! If this was helpful, please feel free to share my blog or this post on social media. Thank you for stopping by! :)


    • YOU’RE A SAVIOR, thank you! I’ve been selling on Etsy for a decade and it blows my mind how they continue to do things to confuse even veteran sellers. I’ve been getting random Priority upgrades that I’ve had to pay for and it’s taken me weeks to try to figure out why. You just did that for me. Of course, Etsy is NO help and they have now removed their elusive phone number as well. They are impossible. Serious props to you for this post!

      Kelli Thirteen
    • Hi, Phil! Thank you for your question. US First Class Packages always come with tracking. The only reason it would not is if you’re using the Flat option (not Flat Rate, they are different), which is similar to mailing a letter or documents. Insurance is always an extra fee.

    • If you set up US first class mail, do you get tracking and insurance? If no, any drawbacks to that?

    • Megan, what clear instructions! These are great. However, when I get to the step after “Edit”, there is a very different pop-up window for me, with no option that you mention. I don’t have calculated shipping — could this be why? I can’t do free shipping unless I figure out how to charge for Priority. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Hello Judy and Mary! I’m so glad my post was helpful! Thank you both for your lovely comments. :)

      Megan - Werk It Girl Supply

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